Bar Snacks & Tapas

Warm Marinated Olives –  $5

Truffled Popcorn  -  $4

Homemade Tea Biscuits  -  $2 each

Hot Spiced Nuts  -  $8

Bar Snack Platter    $16


Smaller Plates & Plates for Sharing

Winter Salad
Winter Greens w/ apple, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, spiced cider vin    $11

Salad C-Zar
Romaine, parm, crispy capers, bacon, croistini, roasted garlic dressing    $11

Fried Brussel Sprouts
Finished w/ spicy honey sauce    $10

Mushroom Toasties
Forest mushrooms, crispy prosciutto, focaccia        $9

Miniature potato dumplings, deep fried with squash, bacon, parmesan    $9/$13

 Dry spiced w/ honey slaw   $13

Smoked tomato marinara, mozzarella & parmesan

Steamed with beer, smoked tomato, roasted garlic    $13

Cod Tongues
Fried, with lime salt, chili aioli    $14

Oysters    $MP
Raw with mignionette, lemon
Baked with pamersan, panko, bacon & parsley

Shrimp Diavollo
Sauteed in sambal with ginger & honey

Balsamic reduction, pecans, sprouts

Truffle Fries
Hand cut fries, sprinkled with white truffle oil & parmesan


Larger Plates

Pork Belly
Sauteed with  kimchi, sweet molasses, crispy wantons    $20

Beef Cheeks
Slow braised & succulent beef, with peas, shallots, garlic mash, aus jus    $23

Fresh Pasta
Hand-rolled pasta with fresh seasonal ingrediants – changes daily    $MP

The Burger
Bacon jam, crispy onions, goat cheese, lettuce & tomato – served with hand cut fries    $19

Pasta stuffed with pulled chicken, ricotta & herbs    $18

Chicken Supreme
Pan roasted with garlic mash    $20


Fresh fish specials also available daily. 

Desserts also fresh made daily.