If you want a more informal evening, we can also arrange a celebration at our sister pub, Erin's, which is conveniently located right next door. We can arrange an evening of fine music, hot & cold appetizers, and special wines & cocktails, all in the comfortable surroundings of one of St. John's oldest and most venerable pubs.  Send a note to info@tavolaonwater.ca for more information.


Snack Platters

Meat and Cheese plate – selection of cheeses, meats, crackers
(10-20ppl snack)  $60

Snack Plate – Selection of in house snacks
(10-20ppl)  $35

Roasted red pepper hummus w/ crackers and veggies
(10-20ppl)   $30

Caramelized onion and smoked bacon dip w/ crackers
(10-20ppl)    $30

H.D.  (hand served)

Ham and Fennel – house ham w/ fennel slaw on crostini

Shaved beef flatbread w/ five bros cheese and dijon

Bruschetta on crostini w/ balsamic reduction

Scallops – pecan and blueberry gastrique

Wings – honey, dry spice

Also available upon request
- cod tongues, 16-20pcs          $16
- Brussel sprouts, 16-20pcs    $12
- Mussels, 1lb                         $13
- Oysters, baked or raw          $3.50/pc
(72hours notice)